1. Here’s a closer look at the illustration I did for the latest edition of The Ride Journal :) 

  2. The new issue of The Ride Journal is out now, yay! And here’s the illustration I did for the emotional story about the struggle and inconvenience one has to go through when their beloved bike is stolen… 

  3. Goodbye Sherlock….

    This year, my boyfriend James really wanted to get me into watching BBC’s Sherlock with him. And so in oder to get me ready for season 3 (I never watched any of it before..) we had a proper Sherlock catch-up during Christmas, watching all episodes from previous seasons and now… not only I’m totally hooked up but also I cannot believe it’s already all over for another year :(

    Check out his own little goodbye image here.

  4. kissikissi, Christmas ornaments I made for my boyfriend’s nan :)

  5. kissikissi, Tiny Christmas decoration I made for my dear friend Agata :)

  6. kissikissi, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re getting your stuff ready a bit better than this little guy :)

  7. kissikissi, Perfect Man

  8. Happy Mikołajki everyone :D

    It’s 6th of December and so today everyone in Poland celebrates Mikołajki, since according to catholic church it is the day of Saint Nicholas. To explain the festivities it’s important to look at the fact that Nicholas in Polish means Mikołaj, then Saint Nicholas would be Święty Mikolaj, which is the then same as Santa Claus in English.

    And so, basically it is Santa Claus Day and the tradition is to celebrate it by giving little gifts to one another :) There you have it.

    Whoop whoop

  9. Another little peek into a lovely Christmas Book project I had a pleasure working on.

    This time it’s the main characters having a sleep over and planning how to take Santa by surprise…. More to come soon,

    Enjoy :)

  10. Thank you to all my New Followers! You guys are the best :)