1. jameslancett:

    I can final say… WEREBEAST IS HAPPENING!!!!!

    I am one of the lucky few who are included in this years Nickelodeon shorts program! You can read the initial press release- HERE! 

    'Werebeast' is all about Ollie Oswald (above) and his supernatural adventure in the Wereverse, a place where everyone is half animal and half human! 

    Im going to be working on this super fun project with a great team of friends and I cant wait to share soon, so keep an eye out for Werebeast!

    My boy James is doing well :)

  2. I got this beauty delivered to me from the lovely team at Jack Watts Currie, whom I’m currently finishing a project with :) I just can’t stop looking at it! :D Thank you guys!


  3. the-lame-blog said: Hi! I absolutely adore your artwork! How do you make them? Do you make figurines and take pictures and then add in other elements with editing?

    Hello! Thanks you for getting in touch :) I’m so happy to hear that you like my work so much. To answer your question, I make my own models as well as some of the set pieces (depending on a project or concept), which I sculpt using a material called Super Sculpey. I then photograph everything (either as a set or separately) and edit it on Photoshop to make sure I get just the right feel and atmosphere for the image.

    I hope this answers your question :)

  4. Yesterday’s amazing annual picnic with Bright agency! So lovely to finally meet everyone! (at Battersea Park)

  5. Big announcement everyone! I am now officially represented by the amazing Bright Agency, whoop, whoop! I’m so happy, I had to make a celebrating crocodile :)

    To see my portfolio, click here.

  6. Little work in progress. More to come soon :)

  7. I was asked to create a book cover illustration and title typography for 20 Bajek Do Czytania Dzieciom Przed Snem (20 Bedtimes Stories) by Tamara Michałowska, a bigger version of a similar publication I also worked on here. Soon to be released in the UK and France.

  8. Warsaw blooms (at Tęcza)

  9. Here’s another little addition to the Borrowers series.


  10. hellolapau said: Hello! my name is Paulina Rosales, I am from Mexico. I am a designer and illustrator. I really love and admire your work, and I was wondering if you are carrying out your own art using 3D figurines, if so, what materials you use to carry them out? I have experimented with different materials, but nothing works for me ... hope puedad help me, greetings and again I can only say that your work is really beautiful!

    Hi Paulina, Thank you for getting in touch :) I’m so glad to hear you like my work and to answer your question, I use my own models which I sculpt using a material called Super Sculpey. It’s a polymer clay, that you can get in 2 main types: air drying and oven bake. I use the oven bake one as it allows me a lot more time before having to finish the artwork, but you might want to try them both to see which one is best for you and your artwork :)

    I hope you’ll have a great fun playing around with it!

    Good luck :) Marta